Thank My Lucky Stars by Stanley Paul takes you behind the scenes of cafe society in new York and Chicago in the 1960's, bringing to life the stories of a kinder, more glamorous era.

Never-before-told tales and over 100 photographs illuminate this star-studded time from the vantage point of Stanley Paul, who saw it all from the bandstand overlooking the dazzling night life in and around Booth One of the fabled Pump Room in Chicago's Ambassador East Hotel. Paul, a famed orchestra leader and society pianist, shares the stories of:

  • the attempted, hilarious "seduction" of Frank Sinatra by a befeathered lady more than twice his age.
  • Bette Davis, the ultimate Hollywood diva, as a car hiker in New Jersey.
  • an aging Sally Rand from the point of view of a 16-year-old pianist sitting behind her as she performed her legendary fan dance.
  • performing Cole Porter songs for the Duchess of Windsor without even knowing who she was.
  • Gloria Swanson playing "Sunset Boulevard" in real life.
  • Judy Garland's nights at the end of the rainbow.

... plus the laughs, tears, joys, and heartaches of the famous talents we all revered as they reveal their frailties and strengths to their personal confidant, Stanley Paul!

Each book includes a specially-recorded CD of the music that personified those glorious evenings!

Thank My Lucky Stars
by Stanley Paul

as told to Diane Palmer
1999/136 pages/CB/$29.95*/ISBN 0-7872-5770-2
*Price is subject to change without notice.