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Dear Stanley,

Thanks to you and your wonderful orchestra for another teriffic performance at Kate and Matt's wedding. As you know, you have played for 4 wedding celebrations for our family and your special musical touch added a great deal for a most memorable time for all of us.

You have a most loyal following from our friends, relatives, and us. Thanks again.

Best regards,
George and Cathy Valaika


You were by far, the hit of the party. Everyone who attended the wedding has complimented you and your orchestra.

Thank you again,
Sherri and Matthew Hanson
Bride & Groom

You did it! Everybody is raving. You set the pace for the evening, which provided warmth and participation by everyone. My wish for a dream wedding with everyone on the dance floor came true, thanks to you. In fact, even after overtime at 1:00am we couldn't get people off the dance floor.

You definitely exceeded all of our expectations. I cannot thank you enough!

Lynne & Bobby Weil
Bride & Groom

A pretty swell party, if I do say so. Your selections were perfect at every stage of the evening. I was thrilled not only by the many compliments received on the music, but by the constant crowds that jammed the dance floor until the bitter end.

We'll do it again sometime.

Allen H. Gerstein
Father of the Bride

We want to thank you for the wonderful music for our daughter's wedding. We saw relatives dance to your music that we have not seen on the dance floor in years. You had the dance floor hopping at all times. We had compliments from the young folks as well as their parents. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Lyn & Norb Kaiser
Parents of the Bride

Where do I are FABULOUS! Our wedding was truly unbelievable and that is definitely due, greatly in part, to you. Upon our return from our honeymoon, all we keep hearing about is how everything at our wedding was so wonderful - and your name and your orchestra is mentioned in almost every conversation.

I am so glad I added the violins winding up the staircase at the Four Seasons - it was a grand opening to the reception.

You are awesome, you music is awesome! Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding reception a huge success. Your choice of music was wonderful. People keep saying that it was easy to dance to - everyone in that room was dancing and they loved it.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blankshain
Bride & Groom

We wanted to thank you for all your guidance and special touches for our wedding reception. It was a lovely party. Bride, groom, families, and friends all had a splendid time. Thank you for paying attention to our special needs.

Your piano playing was a tremendous mood-setter for the cocktail hour as well as the luncheon. People were so festive and mixed and mingled so very nicely. Then the orchestra really made the rest of the party, too. You all were fabulous. We were pleased that so many people danced during the middle of the day. (How could you not dance, though, to that great sound?!)

We have had so many compliments about how wonderful the music was, and we were really pleased because music was one of the most important elements to us for the whole wedding.

Thank you for making our special day a fabulous one to remember.

Anneliese & Bob Crawford
Bride & Groom

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