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My telephone conversation with you about Kathy's wedding was not sufficient. I must commit my thoughts to paper! I've tried hard over the years to ban the word "perfect" from my vocabulary because I seldom find an appropriate place to use it - until now! Kathy's wedding was absolutely perfect in every respect, and your music was without question a major part of that perfection.

Stanley, we very much appreciated that in playing the music and in your announcing the various toasts and other rituals during the evening you and your orchestra never made yourselves the "main attraction," or took "center stage" as we've seen so many orchestras and leaders do, both rather remained as "facilitators" and background players to the main "players," the wedding party and guests. It is no wonder, then, that his was surely one of the warmest, lovingest, most profoundly moving, and at the same time deliriously happy weddings ever held!! Our guests seem to agree: never have we received such superlative comments from any entertainment of ours as from this wedding!

You are truly a master musician, Stanley, and Mel and I consider ourselves so fortunate to have had you "do" this wedding. Though we have no more daughters to marry off, we intend to tell everyone who will listen that they must call you first when planning an event, and perhaps even we will have an occasion when we can enjoy your wonderful talent again.hopefully soon!!

Lee Blum
Mother of the Bride

Daniel and I want to thank you again for setting such a wonderful tone for our wedding. Because of your orchestra and the spectacular music and flow, everyone truly had a memorable time.

We cherish your personal touch with us from our requests to the smallest of details of the evening.

Maureen & Daniel O'Connor
Bride & Groom

I wanted to thank you again for the fabulous music at our wedding. Your orchestra was absolutely perfect in selections, volume, and especially quality. Everyone from young to old couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed your talents.

Your incorporation of the ethnic traditions and my special requests were just great. Thank you again for making that evening so special and for being such a pleasure to work with.

Kara & Edward Sigarman
Bride & Groom

I can't begin to tell you the impact you had on all the guests. Everyone has "heard" of Stanley Paul, but few have ever had the opportunity to witness you in person. You made two young people's lives together start with a small whirlwind wedding. They will never forget your graciousness or the quality of your music. We hope to have the honor again someday.

Mrs. Sharon Lesner
Mother of the Groom

Never have I been so happy to pay the bill! You and your entire orchestra are so top-notch. Everyone absolutely loved the music.

Thank you for being the major reason the wedding was a success.

Jenne Feirin

You and your band definitely lived up to your reputation. The music, the vocalists and the way you orchestrated the party were fantastic! We, and our family and friends all had a great time, due in large part to the music.

Thanks for making our wedding a great day to remember.

Lisa & Gerry Kenney
Bride & Groom

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